The infrastructure that is critical to all types of social and economic activity is vulnerable to a vast array of threats — sabotage, acts of terrorism, cyber attacks, accidents, natural disasters and more. It is absolutely vital to secure that infrastructure at all times, and to protect the people who operate it and the processes and data that keep it running.

Thales is recognised for its system integration capabilities and its unrivalled expertise in security, information systems and communication networks. The Group draws on this extensive experience to provide highly capable, scalable solutions for existing infrastructure of all sizes and levels of complexity. 

Protection is further enhanced by innovative, high-value-added solutions developed specifically by Thales for this kind of installation. From intrusion detection, smart videoprotection and access control to cybersecurity and resilient communication networks, Thales provides tailored solutions to meet the specific requirements of each customer and each site.

Industrial facilities, government establishments, ports, airports and other public buildings: for each type of installation, Thales proposes the best solution to counter specific sets of risks and threats today and tomorrow.

With a full range of innovative, high-performance, scalable solutions, Thales provides ongoing assurances of the long-term security of critical infrastructure, operations, personnel and data to guarantee business continuity under all circumstances.

A trusted partner of critical infrastructure operators for more than 20 years, Thales provides security solutions for over 400 critical installations worldwide:

  • Airport security systems for Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Doha (Qatar), Muscat and Salalah (Oman), Durban (South Africa), Changi (Singapore), Lisbon and Madeira (Portugal), Pisa (Italy) and Lyon (France).
  • Qatar’s new commercial port integrated solution.
  • Protection of oil facilities for Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia and LUKOIL in Iraq.
  • Secure information and communication systems and site security at new French defence ministry HQ (Hexagone-Balard).
  • Security solutions for Hajj pilgrimage (Mecca).
  • Security for the Louvre museum in Paris.
  • Security for France’s Fleury-Mérogis prison.




As nodes in the air transport network, airports play a crucial role. Airport operations are key to the overall security and safety of the air traffic infrastructure, the passengers who use it and the data flows that make it work.

Energy and petrochemicals sites

Thales has a unique capability to provide end-to-end security combining physical and electronic protection systems with the latest technologies for protecting information systems and communication networks.

Resilient Networks

Thales’s Nexium Resilient Networks solution provides secure, resilient and high-performance networks designed to endure the unexpected and guarantee end-to-end communication services for your most critical, sensitive and strategic sites.