Thales know-how and expertise in the navigation and positioning domains feed a broad range of commercial and military aviation and space programs.

Thales owns and masters all the critical technologies across the whole navigation system chain, from Air Data to high accuracy inertial systems. Thales designs and manufactures its own sensors for all these equipment types in France.


Civil Navigation System Performance: a Key Element of Effective Eco-friendly Aircraft Operations



The transition of current Air Traffic Management (ATM) to performance-based ATM systems has demonstrated the fundamental need for aircraft to have reliable and accurate navigation systems. The precision of navigation systems is essential for successful aircraft operations, as they support future business trajectories as well as ensuring efficient aircraft separations in all weather conditions.


Aircraft system architecture comprising inertial, air data and GNSS capabilities is essential to deliver required performance that supports short, mid and long-term eco-efficient operations. Thales Avionics’ comprehensive navigation suite rises to this challenge.


Continuous Navigation Solutions for a Wide Range of Military Platforms and Weapons in Unstable Environments



Our high level of expertise in the navigation domain enables us to address the most stringent requirements for military missions, drawing on in-house products and cost effective solutions:


  • Operational mission success through state-of-the-art performance: accuracy, jamming resistance and integrity
  • NATO operability: standardised user equipment and interfaces as well as specific concept of operation (e.g. NAVWAR)
  • Compliance with civil air traffic regulation (CNS/ATM)
  • Specific military environment: dynamic range, EMC, vibration
  • Independence in operational capability
  • Growth potential: low cost inertial solutions through MEMS technology and GNSS evolutions (GPS M-Code, Galileo PRS, anti-jamming)

Our product range is adapted to these major challenges for civil and military aerospace. It also answers other platforms specific needs such as launchers, satellite, UAV, vessel.